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Have you been working on an idea? Good. Maybe you still have no clue what type of video you want? Still good. No matter where you are in the creative process, Two Gents can hop on board and conceptualize a great idea for your brand.

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Strengthening a brand you already love? We’ll craft a content strategy that works seamlessly with the mojo you’ve got working. Overhauling one you can’t stand to look at anymore? We can help there too.

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“Sound Speeding. Okay. Camera A is Rolling. Camera B?”

Video Production is what we know and love. From transferring a script to shotlist, a shoot schedule to dynamic footage, and an edit outline to a finished product, we eat, sleep, and breath production. We should actually catch up on some real sleep.

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We write and rewrite copy, scripts, and voice-overs that properly tell your story and strengthens your brand’s standing in the world.

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We sit, we watch, we scour. Once we have our footage we take days and even weeks looking for those perfect moments to arrange and tell the story that best influences your audience.

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Before your video is ready for the masses, we need to beautify it. This includes color correction, sound mixing, and incorporating VFX graphics to your film. This is where we make it “pop”.

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But Wait! There's More...

  • Script Writing

  • Cinematography

  • casting

  • color correction

  • editing

  • graphic animation

  • Sound Mixing

  • Directing

  • Photography