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F.H. Paschen reached out to Two Gents Digital in order to change the perception of their brand as a “road” company. Being labeled as a road company limited their true size, scope, and abilities. From building schools to airplane hangers, it was clear Paschen had a breadth of experience to build an entire city’s infrastructure on their own if they needed too.

Our main goal as filmmakers and advertisers was to create a film that rightly portrayed their size, capabilities, and culture. We did this by filming this hard hitting brand film.

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Anything you throw at them, Paschen can handle.

Paschen made a point throughout their company’s history to take on projects most construction companies would pass on, simply because they didn’t have the skills or ability required to complete the job.

Two Gents worked with Paschen to find current projects that showcased the difficult challenges they face year in and year out and how they overcome those challenges. The resulting video series shows their potential clients, that if Paschen can manage these difficult challenges, they truly can handle anything you throw at them.


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Employee Profiles

Paschen’s company history is filled with story after story of Paschen reaching out to the communities that they work in and staffing those projects with workers from the same or surrounding areas.

This was not a common practice for other construction companies.

Paschen reached out to Two Gents to showcase some of their most distinguished minority employees that benefit from the Paschen’s dedication to diversity and inclusion.