Do more with less. That became our mantra when we founded Two Gents Digital in the aftermath of The Recession.

Half a decade later, our nimble, low-overhead approach still rings true. We start with two and scale our productions to our client’s budgets in order to best handle their needs in the modern content market.



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We are small. We are nimble. We are perfectionists. And we thrive on collaboration. Let’s talk about your opportunities, concept a strategy, review ideas, produce the project, film the story, edit the footage, upload the film and be proud of what we accomplished.

Let’s eliminate overhead. Let’s avoid layers. Let’s ditch the egos. And, above all else, let’s get creative. Bloated agency models are going the way of the penny-farthing. No one has the time and money and patience for that anymore.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, humans aren’t rational. Shocking, we know. In fact, data scientists found the exact percentage when making a purchasing decision: 80% Emotional, 20% Rational.

A majority of the time, human beings function on emotion, especially when it comes to buying. Because of this, emotion and tone is at the forefront of all of our films in order to create the most effective and engaging content for you and your company.

Our Mindset

We are storytellers first and foremost. We enjoy an open collaborative relationship with our partners. When we make stuff, we roll up our sleeves and make it with our clients, not for them. Discipline, perspective, hardnosed grit, and laughter are our key ingredients to making something worth watching. We very much love what we do. And we hope you do too.


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Have you been working on an idea? Good. Maybe you still have no clue what type of video you want? Still good. No matter where you are in the creative process, Two Gents can hop on board and conceptualize a great idea for your brand.

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Strengthening a brand you already love? We’ll craft a content strategy that works seamlessly with the mojo you’ve got working. Overhauling one you can’t stand to look at anymore? We can help there too.

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“Sound Speeding. Okay. Camera A, Rolling. Camera B?”

Video Production is what we know and love. From transferring a script to a shotlist, a shoot schedule to dynamic footage, and an edit outline to a finished product; We eat, sleep, and breath production. We should actually catch up on some real sleep.

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We write and rewrite copy, scripts, and voice-overs that properly tell your story and strengthens your brand’s standing in the world.

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We sit, we watch, we scour. Once we have our footage we take days and even weeks looking for those perfect moments to arrange and tell the story that best influences your audience.

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Before your video is ready for the masses, we need to beautify it. This includes color correction, sound mixing, and incorporating VFX graphics to your film. This is where we make it “pop”.